3 Tips To Be A Better Marketer in 2017

Sometimes it’s hard to be a marketer in the 21st century. It was only yesterday that you were the new kid on the block, singing the praises of the newest trends and growth hacks. Now look at you, you’re all grown up and out of the loop.

New platforms and buzzwords are spreading faster than you can keep up with, and with each new year what you thought was the “next big thing” is already “yesterday’s news”.  So what’s a Digital Marketing Jedi like you to do?

1. Click on Ads… like, a lot.

One of the things I try to do learn about cool ideas and tactics is to actually click on ads – you’ll want to look at a few things here:

  1. The ad itself will tell you what the message they were trying to get across is.
  2. The UTMs in the URL can tell you a lot about how they’re trying to target you, is this a retargeting ad, maybe there’s some interesting data about the targeting criteria they’re using to target you.
  3. The Landing Page. Don’t just wait till you’re working on new ones to gather inspiration – always be on the lookout for fresh innovation here. This can be in the “objective” of the LP: Is it Direct Response, or Gated Content? Does it lead to a product page, a homepage, a pricing page? Is it for a webinar or a beta release? What is the Call-To-Action? Where is it located?
  4. Which javascript pixels does the LP contain? I use a tool called Ghostery for this, but I’ve heard there are other good ones out there. You can learn a lot about a new marking tech, ways to track/analyze and new platforms, just by looking at the pixels on a page.
  5. Watch the retargeting. Where do you start seeing more ads for this company pop up. Try to discern the tactics they’re using to get you back onto their site. You can learn a lot by this, and get inspired for new retargeting campaigns of your own.

Read my earlier post about the 4 Elements of Digital Ads for a better understanding of how all these things work together. 

2. Get Zest, Baby!

There’s no better way to learn about everything that’s going on in marketing than through great content. But who has time to sift through the hundreds of blogs, publishers, influencers and other professional bullshitters out there?

Ever since I installed Zest – that problem has basically evaporated for me.

Zest is a simple enough Chrome Extension – when you open a new tap on your browser, you’re immediately exposed to the latest content written about marketing – which you can filter by the subjects that matter you.

So while you’re having your morning espresso, or just killing some time till your next meeting, instead of searching for something interesting to read – you can open up a new browser window, and POW!, an instant content utopia is upon you.

Full disclosure, Yam Regev – co-founder of Zest, is both a friend and someone I greatly admire – all the more reason for you to download this thing and give it a try.

3. Talk to Other Marketers

This one is obvious, but it still needs to be said: No one woman or man can know everything. Your experience ultimately is limited, and you can only learn a finite amount of things about the world in general, and marketing in particular.

That’s why you need to create, foster and maintain relationships with other marketers. Either online or off – over Skype or over a beer – meet up with your fellow marketers and share what you’ve been up to. What’s been working lately, what hasn’t? Who are you reading? What podcast blew your mind? What new tool or tactic is killing it lately?

If you don’t know many other marketers, don’t fret. Just head out to the next meetup in your area and introduce yourself. We marketers are a pretty friendly bunch, so I’m sure you’ll make loads of connections.

Bottom Line

Long story short, if you want to stay at the top of your game you got to set up some habits that will constantly expose you to new ideas and info. Don’t just stick with what you’ve learned – stay fresh, stay curious, and most importantly: stay awesome!


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