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Why LinkedIn Ads Work

In the digital advertising space, LinkedIn is beyond a doubt the most effective platform for B2B. LinkedIn allows us to target our audiences by Industry, Company Size, Job Titles and much more.

We often hear that LinkedIn is expensive – but once you take into consideration that almost all the traffic we generate from LinkedIn is relevant to your offering – there’s no better place to generate qualified leads.

Why Work With a LinkedIn Ads Specialist

While the idea behind LinkedIn is simple – target your relevant buyer personas with relevant ads – LinkedIn can be difficult to operate for both digital ads experts and novices alike. Many of the tactics and best-practices that work so well on Google and Facebook Ads won’t necessarily work with LinkedIn.

Working with a specialist that’s worked with LinkedIn Ads for 20+ clients, and spend millions and millions of dollars can save you scarce time and budget, allowing you to scale faster and reach optimal performance.

What They Have to Say

Ilya Glezer - Head of Acquisition

We worked with Gabriel to scale our high spend LinkedIn accounts, one of the largest in the world. Gabriel came in as one time consultant, but the cooperation helped tremendously, and we kept working for a long time. He has a great understanding of the platform, messaging, B2B marketing in general, and all the related fields - technical connections, copywriting, finding the right marketing angle to scale the business in the right direction.

Lisa Bennet - VP Marketing

Working with Gabriel and Remotion has been truly eye-opening and enjoyable. It is a real pleasure working with the team and leveraging their specific B2B focus and expertise to enhance our digital marketing and increase our demand generation and overall awareness.

Omri Erel - VP Marketing
Social Bakers

Working with Gabriel over the last several years has proven to be incredibly valuable. His deep understanding, ability, and skills in marketing from top of the funnel and down is simply remarkable. From strategy to focused execution, he's always got you covered and provides great results.

Geva Telem - Full-Stack Marketing

We've been happily surprised at the quality and quantity of leads. We'd tried LinkedIn ads in the past and hadn't seen the best results, so our expectations were low. But Gabriel actually delivered above and beyond our most optimistic expectations. On top of that, he's able to lead the activity and keep us focused on the key objectives, super proactive and very professional.

Yam Regev - CEO

It was always clear to me that only a super pro paid acquisition strategist can handle our campaigns and then I met Gabriel. The guy took over our campaigns in a storm and managed to scale our Facebook Ads campaigns while reducing CPC & Cost per SQL. One of his greatest, out of the box ideas was to localize our campaigns. That caused an even larger reduction in costs while expanding reach and increasing performance and all that without hurting generated leads’ relevancy and level of quality.

About Remotion

Remotion Digital is the leading LinkedIn Ad Management Agency in EMEA. We specialize in helping fast-growing B2B tech companies achieve growth and scale through LinkedIn Ads.

Managed by a team of proven online advertisers and led by industry leader Gabriel Ehrlich, Remotion Digital has spent over $3.5 million on LinkedIn ads and generated hundreds of thousands of leads for our clients. Remotion Digital has an experienced and proven track record of working with some of the most exciting start-ups and respected tech companies in Israel.

Our goal is to deliver scalable growth for our clients with ROI on LinkedIn Ads.

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